Literary Award Essay Contest



Be the first to earn the distinguished David B Manuel Literary Award award to promote historical archival research projects about our founding fathers and colonial heritage of the era of 1812.


David was  a Double Day Editor and Naval Radar Specialist. His patriotism and skill inspired great passion to write the all time best-seller: THE LIGHT & THE GLORY with co author: Peter Marshall Jr.

On September 14/2015, the first annual award will be granted in two categories: Junior Writer and Senior Author.

“The Senior Author” award will be conferred for a published/distributed work that defines the war of 1812 and the inspirational merit of the Star Spangled Banner.

“The Junior Writer” award will be conferred for an essay of 200 words exactly, that defines the war of 1812 and the inspirational merit of the Star Spangled Banner. Cited references must be footnoted. The age category is 7 to 18 years of age. It must be typed and emailed to

FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW for the ESSAY and for the HAND-WRITING CONTEST. (See forms below the contact registration form)

Idea for Grace Wisher CoverREAD ABOUT THE UPCOMING NOVEL: GRACE WISHER/Fingers that Sing. RELEASE by Author Sheldon Maxwell in Crimson Cross Series USE THE LESSON PLAN IDEAS and QUESTIONS and RESEARCH

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 2.24.46 PM
Download Form and email and upload to Dropbox by: mail by Sept 9
Handwritting contest1
DOWNLOAD FORM, Scan, email and upload to DropBox by Sept 9


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      (DISCLAIMER: We are not backing or promoting any political candidate, or religious group, even if they speak at an event we may host. We endeavor to promote SING IT AMERICA as a non sectarian and non partisan project to promote patriotism in our beloved nation of the United States of America.)
      The title of the album is historical and comes directly from the last verse of the national anthem from 1812 and is confirmed as such by 2014 US Senate Historical Resolution #550.
      Listen to the lead song sample on line at:

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