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PRINT to get 1/2 price ticket to event and The Great Passion Play. VETS are FREE

Students with ID are only $10. Choirs/Bands participating are FREE.logo-of-david-b-manuel-award

Since the NFL emptied stadiums, as Americans boycotted the improper performance protocol of the Star Spangled Banner, we will fill the Great Passion Play stadium in the heart of America, in Eureka Springs, Arkansas every year on it’s birthday of Sept 14th! Sponsored by it’s Executive Director Randall Christy.

AND? YES! we will kneel at the very end!!! To Jesus Christ our Savior! After the song is sung! Not during! Not before!

We will salute our nation and our veterans and raise our hearts in praise to our God!

X the NFL vs GPP full

See the words to the last verse, written by Francis Scott Key in 1814, and officially recognized  on it’s Bicentennial: due to the 6th draft of Resolution #550, initiated by Sing-It-America CEO: Dr. Shelli Manuel, and completed by Gray Maxwell: legislative assistant to Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi in 2014, which received a unanimous US Senate vote in September

r 2014.

And? The NFL Football stars ignored the US Senate! BUT!

The GREAT PASSION PLAY, a bastion of Christian Faith and Example of Christian/Judaic American Heritage Values will fill their stadium! Join them!           6:30 PM Sept 14th! Print this out for  1/2 off ticket (Control+P)







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