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PRESS RELEASE Presented at our SIA Lunch at the National Press CLub Friday July 24, 2015
PRESS RELEASE Presented at our SIA Lunch at the National Press CLub Friday July 24, 2015






















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Press Release:

[Our national Anthem is the patriotic anchor to our national defense!

If ever America needed that anchor, it’s now!

A nation divided against itself can not stand. Her enemies will rend her.

But on both a right wing and a left wing together, the eagle soars!

And on Sept 14th 2015, thousands of Americans, from every walk of life will prove it, traveling by air, train, car, foot to an historical gathering on the Washington Mall at the Lincoln Memorial in DC! Be a part of the parade!

Join them from Dawn’s Early Light to Dawn’s Early Light as this non partisan gathering of veterans, school children, historical re-enactors, political candidates, inspirational speakers, members of congress ( whose messages will focus on the critical relevance of the four verses of the Star Spangled Banner today). Hear the musicians, bands and choirs salute OL Glory 24/7. Oh say can you see? From Dawn’s Early Light to Dawn’s Early Light!

We are celebrating A Year of Thanksgiving for the National Anthem’s Bicentennial in accordance with the unanimous senate Resolution 550, initiated by, an official partner of the government comission Starspangled200 and Friend of Ft McHenry.

We thwarted the actions of political groups trying to replace it. Never!

We combated the educational deficit of school children who had never learned it! Lets Celebrate it!

Visit the web site; SingitAmerica.orgto register and for all the details of the gathering, events and contests for students, armatures and professionals. Win prizes, for your school, religious or civic group.

The 200 voice choir of ordinary voices gathering there needs you! Let your voice be heard!

Sing it loud! Sing it Proud! Its your National Anthem America! SING IT AMERICA! Sept 14th in Washington DC!]

  • SING IT AMERICA is part of the Non Profit  501-C Organization

    (Duns registered 80942067)

    (DISCLAIMER: We are not backing or promoting any political candidate, or religious group, even if they speak at an event we may host. We endeavor to promote SING IT AMERICA as a non sectarian and non partisan project to promote patriotism in our beloved nation of the United States of America.)

    The title of the album is historical and comes directly from the last verse of the national anthem from 1812 and is confirmed as such by 2014 US Senate Historical Resolution #550.

    Listen to the lead song sample on line at:


    disclaimer square


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