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UPLOAD yourself  singing the national anthem

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DROPBOX UPLOAD RECORDYOURSELF1(Keep it clean or we reserve the right to remove all uploads.  Warning: Anyone attempting to remove or change anyone’s files will be tracked and contacted. Thank you)


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SEE ABC NEWS: How Few Can Sing It?


Once in a life in a time historical event.
Could you pray about being a sponsor.
We have a Fundrazr site.
Can you please come sing the National Anthem and speak at this very special event?
See the wonderful video that Kenneth Copeland made of him singing it for us. It really brought me to tears.

SEPT 14, 2015 Washington DC, Lincoln, Memorial with rare Fireworks Display and US Senate unanimous Resolution.

We have a Veteran’s hour, (hope to have  bikers), Israeli Salute to our Flag, Congressional hour, Education/Children’s Hour, Presidential Candidates, Musicians/ Speakers/ Pastors.

Please see our flyer below and let me know as soon as you can. Thank you.

We got Miley Cyrus stopped, in her attempt to change replace the National Anthem to a one world friendly tune! She used Wethepeople.com, a direct line into Congressional action. We went into high gear with a draft that the US Senate accepted and unanimously passed. Then the National Park Service got involved and gave us a huge event permit to celebrate. Please see our press release information. Only less than 10% of the citizens of America know the anthem. We can’t loose it. That is the way to preserve it.
We want many of the veterans to come to the SEPT 14 Event in Washington DC at the Lincoln Memorial.
We do not have the funds for a booth. We could pass out some flyers and show the info on the screen while I sing the Anthem. We would love your vets to give testimonials and present colors at the event in Sept 14, 2015.
ATTACHED: The Business Plan/Proposal we have been praying over and showing with sponsors and potential investors. If your mini try would be interested their is a fundrazr page link.
(cc: Please can you also   forward to Your DONTION/INVESTOR/SPONSOR dept?)

Our most immediate goals are these:

$3,000 to nail down a fireworks permit/display over the back of the Lincoln Memorial on Sept 14, 2015 on the last day of the Year of Thanksgiving for the National Anthem Bicentennial. CoastGuard and Harbor Police need it to be done immediately to have enough time to secure the area and do all the preparations. We have been trying to do this for past two months.
$10,000-50,000 for Scholarship money for College Education for students of Baltimore winning prizes in the history bee and essay and handwriting and art and music contests for the David B Manuel Literary Award. ( He was a Double Day editor, Publisher and Best Selling Author)
$300,000 total for the entire event including  mics, megaton screens, amp lines, news stand, platform and porta-potties. See our entire budget plan online at the BUDGET TAB at www.singitamerica.org

We talked completing the final leg of the Bicentennial from Sept 14/2014-2015 in this Once-In-A-Life-Time Historical Event.Please see the business plan and proposal that you asked me for at that meeting.
I apologize for the delay, as I encountered a long cancer battle and have now overcome!
It placed me in a slice of Baltimore at Johns Hopkins during the riots where I realized my work was far from done. Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King, called me in the middle of that and as we prayed I saw that those troubled youth still have the last leg of a Bicentennial to celebrate, about the Star Spangled Banner that was birthed in their city of Baltimore with a little indentured servant girl’s heroic story. (That is something to be proud of as my own ancestors on the May Flower were indentured servants as were most passengers.) Grace Wisher sewed it’s stars together, not only inspiring Francis Scott Key to fight tyrants of England but to become an outstanding  abolitionist as well! I as a cancer survivor am turning my lemons into lemonade, just like Grace Wisher,  and we can help those children do the same and the rest of this nation as well!
I have since discovered that a Presidential First Lady also took on such a concern over a decade ago, and since then the numbers of Americans that comprehend our National Anthem’s meaning, it’s Bicentennial, and would possess a command of singing it, have diminished for lack of funding in the government education systems to educate on that musical and historical subject.
Thus, we took it to another level in high gear and succeeded last summer in drafting a Commemorative Historical Resolution #550 that the US Senate voted on unanimously and is now in the Congress for joint resolution too. (see the BLOG tab at www.singitamerica.org to view it.)
The document stopped current attempts to erupt a battle to replace the anthem, and it projected a YEAR of THANKSGIVING for the NATIONAL ANTHEM BICENTENNIAL, which then evoked sympathetic response from governors, congress and educators, and a huge event with a National Park Service Permit for Sept 14, 2015 in Washington DC.
I am prayerful and hopeful, that with less than 30 days left till our big event. you can please consider a substantial donation to assist us as you offered at our meeting last year. We would all be most grateful. 
Dr Shelli Jones Manuel
Executive Director of Sing It America
 God Bless You and God Bless America!



HEAR Shelli’s Official SOUNDTRACK

Voices: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Choir



or your event

Password: sept1414
ID: singitamerica
upload and publish your video of singing
Title it: SING IT AMERICA National Anthem Bicentennial (your name or event)
1:Sign in the Dropbox this link takes you too.
Type the ID Type the Password
ID: karaoke@singitamerica.com
Password: singitamerica
2: Then, click open the boxes and follow instructions on label of each box until you come to the boxes that say: RENAME BLANK
Right click: Rename.
Then Type your name/ENTER
3: Then upload or drag a text file of your name, age, address, email, phone
4:Then upload your audio or video of singing the national anthem.
(***Inappropriate material will be removed and prosecuted.)
CLICK to hear Shelli Manuel on the harp singing the Star Spangled Banner in Branson MO, the country music city!
CLICK to hear Shelli Manuel on the harp singing the Star Spangled Banner in Branson MO, the country music city!    Backdrop shows our APP launch announcement and a salute to our Veterans.

caleb sings




Upload Yourself Singing the Anthem with millions of Americans  EMAIL your .mp3 or .mov or .mp4 or .mwv or maw. file to: audition_me@singitamerica.com or CLICK THIS LINK AND DRAG YOUR mp3.file :


 Hear Americans of all ages SING ITUPLOAD YOURSELF! EXAMPLES: Shelli ManuelJackie EvanchoSIgn Language, College Choir Acapella9 yr old amazing voiceyouth groups92 year old VeteranBoy’s Choir3 year old ,



  • Download our pdf to see the words
  • PRINT THE FLYER FRONT AND BACK for your next eventlast verse wordsI
  • SING IT AMERICA are part of the Non Profit  501-C Organization
     (Duns registered 80942067)
    (DISCLAIMER: We are not backing or promoting any political candidate, or religious group, even if they speak at an event we may host. We endeavor to promote SING IT AMERICA as a non sectarian and non partisan project to promote patriotism in our beloved nation of the United States of America.)
    The title of the album is historical and comes directly from the last verse of the national anthem from 1812 and is confirmed as such by 2014 US Senate Historical Resolution #550.
    Listen to the lead song sample on line at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlYD20mvC6s
    NOTE: STUDENTS of ALL AGES, RACES, RELIGIONS shall be allowed to participate in this non partisan, non sectarian activity.
    Disclaimer: However, Please note that the very nature of the historical period of 1814, was one predominately populated by religious  persons who mentioned this in the lyrics of the National Anthem, other historical documents of that colonial era and in their daily life, political and military declarations. Therefore, the mention of such, by historians, actors, speakers, musicians, veterans, politicians or other entities may accurately reflect the same at the museums, event venue or government stores in Washington DC. The first Amendment protects free speech and historical mention will not be a violation of church and state, any more than the current benediction of our President or Congress when they close speeches with “God Bless You and God Bless America“. We expect that if they participate on Sept 14/2015, that those words could be used by them. The official Chaplains of the Senate and Congress, along with the Congress and First Family, have also been invited and would possibly follow government protocol to ask all present to pray. Sing It America, the National Park Service and all guest speakers and performers and politicians will not be held responsible for any negative reaction to that in this Bicentennial Historical Event, following the express instructions and permissions granted in the unanimous US Senate Resolution #550 in September of 2014.


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