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Kids if Boozle can sing it so can you!

Thank you for your desire to bring school children from your district to this historical once-in-a-lifetime event at the Lincoln Memorial on Sept 14, 2015 in Washington DC.

We want this to be a memorable day in the mind of the children afterwards. And we endeavor to create a fun, educational activity that is safe.

In order to participate you will need to fill out the form below and send us a few items.

The permission of your District Superintendent, a copy of your credentials as an educator, the list of students, ages and a copy of each parent or guardian’s permission slip.  Your description and lesson plan for the day from start to finish. Where do the students gather? What reliable transportation is being provided for the group? Who are the field trip chaperones? Are they and the children being taken care of by your school insurance plan? Are they being fed and given hydration all day? What safety and accounting measures are in place for each child to travel to and from their parent’s hand safely back to your location and to the parent receiving them at home at day’s end? (NONE MAY STAY IN DC or LEAVE with a different person. ) What activities do you intend to participate in? Include a list of any students involved in our contests of music, art, essays, history bee, handwriting, costume look-a-likes.

An affidavit that this has been approved by your principal or governing body must accompany a folder of those items with a notary seal and the signature of a witness and the governing person over your institution or group and yourself as the teacher. This must include a statement that you do not hold Sing It America or any associated entity responsible for any damages to the children you are responsible for or for any unforeseeable cancelation that could be enacted by government or law enforcement in the Capital, (which we do not foresee, but can occur in times of war or bad weather, such as hurricanes or earthquakes etc).


disclaimer square

Email  this affidavit and folder to by Sept 9 th,  2015: PO BOX  701410, Tulsa, OK. 74170-1410 and ABSOLUTELY MUST EMAIL a scan of document completed, By Sept 9 to: and cc to

Every student entering a contest, is requested to have sent a check, money order or proof of PayPal suggested non-refundable donation for entering/processing in the contests (of $1.84) and a copy of their application mailed along with the packet from the teacher. Any required financial situation of the educational organization transporting them to and from this field trip event should also be shown in evidence to prove that each child is properly registered and will be properly taken care of by the teachers, chaperones and busing organizations. Any child that can not financially participate, should be made known to us as we hope there might be some scholarship funds available.



  1. 9:30 am Sept 14, 2015 Arrival at AMTRAK UNION STATION for a children’s student Sing-A-Long of the National Anthem’s 4 verses. ( this time frame may change slightly  after we review the travel plans of all of the schools participating)
  2. 10:15 am Boarding Busses.
  3. (YOU MUST ARRANGE YOUR OWN BUSSES and provide us the name and credentials of the driver, the schedule and tag/ copy of license and intended route. This will be submitted to the highway authorities and the National Park Service and the Washington DC police groups for security of the children.)
  4. 10:45 Reception at the White House and 11;20 boarding buses
  5. 11:35 Brief Tour of Smithsonian American History Museum Exhibit of the Star-Spangled Banner Flag and Lyrics. 12:00 Board Buses to the Lincoln Memorial
  6. 12:15 Audience with Congressional Members at the Memorial and crowd Sing A Long of the National Anthem’s 4 verses.
  7. 12:30 Contest Awards and Run-offs at the Lincoln Memorial on stage while others watch and eat.
  8. 12:30 Historical Society Film, Musket display, and Lunch at the Memorial and chance to visit the LIncoln Memorial Gift Shop before loading on buses to return home at 1:30.
  9. (the activities may shift to a later time according to any change in the Congressional or White House Response.)

  • SING IT AMERICA is part of the Non Profit  501-C Organization
     (Duns registered 80942067)
    (DISCLAIMER: We are not backing or promoting any political candidate, or religious group, even if they speak at an event we may host. We endeavor to promote SING IT AMERICA as a non sectarian and non partisan project to promote patriotism in our beloved nation of the United States of America.)
    The title of the album is historical and comes directly from the last verse of the national anthem from 1812 and is confirmed as such by 2014 US Senate Historical Resolution #550.
    Listen to the lead song sample on line at:
    NOTE: STUDENTS of ALL AGES, RACES, RELIGIONS shall be allowed to participate in this non partisan, non sectarian activity.
    Disclaimer: However, Please note that the very nature of the historical period of 1814, was one predominately populated by religious  persons who mentioned this in the lyrics of the National Anthem, other historical documents of that colonial era and in their daily life, political and military declarations. Therefore, the mention of such, by historians, actors, speakers, musicians, veterans, politicians or other entities may accurately reflect the same at the museums, event venue or government stores in Washington DC. The first Amendment protects free speech and historical mention will not be a violation of church and state, any more than the current benediction of our President or Congress when they close speeches with “God Bless You and God Bless America“. We expect that if they participate on Sept 14/2015, that those words could be used by them. The official Chaplains of the Senate and Congress, along with the Congress and First Family, have also been invited and would possibly follow government protocol to ask all present to pray. Sing It America, the National Park Service and all guest speakers and performers and politicians will not be held responsible for any negative reaction to that in this Bicentennial Historical Event, following the express instructions and permissions granted in the unanimous US Senate Resolution #550 in September of 2014.  (See Tax Exempt Page)

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